Galli Boii - 300 - 200 B.C.

Just like Catone said, the people named Boii probably were a confederation of 112 tribes that lived in the area now called Emilia; exactly in the territory between the Idice river in the East, the Appennini crest in the South, the Taro river in the Ovest and the marches of Po river in the North.
They were warlike tribes, indeed the translation of Boi is "conquerors, or conquering people, that win using destruction (from the verb Bogos: destroy).
In spite of this name, Boii tribes were able to live with Etruscan peoples. In fact, near Bologna, some tombs with both Gauls Warriors and Etrurian women were founded (IV sec. B.C., excavation of Mount Bibele).
Boii consolidated the relationship with Etruscan people, but they were not able to make the same thing with the Romans; so they had to defend themselves and their territory against Roman's Army many times.
Sometimes they were winners, like at Selva Latina battle and at the battle near Trasimeno river; sometimes they were defeated, like at Valdimone (238 B.C.) and at Talamone (225 B.C.), until their surrender to Romans between 196 and 192 B.C.


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