Medieval: our re-enacted period is focused at the end of XIV century and the beginning of XV century, most exactly the years between 1380 and 1420, by following the period styles and fashions of the civil clothes, the military clothing and the defensive and offensive armaments of the bolognese and North Italian territory.
Celtic: following a precise territorial refer to our region, Emilia Romagna, we re-enact the "Galli Boii" celtic tribe, for the centuries between the 300 and 200 b.C.

Our first target is to deepen our knowledge on the re-enacted historical periods, to supply us with as accurate as possible personal gears, and to increase our structure, always following the historical re-enacting demands.

    ... this following the strictness and the historical coerence which allows us, as happened in the past, to work in historical movies and documentaries, and to create collaborations among all the associates with the aim to do all of these things having fun.

For this reason the older associates have created, and still create, little written and illustrated guides; these guides give to every new associate all the necessary and needed technical support.

Our second target, but not less important, is to enhance our territory history by rappresenting and approaching it to the people, recovering at the meantime an historical and cultural patrimony that is getting lost...